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Gazillionaire is an international, multi–purpose company with a 19–year history of business success in the United States and a more recent presence in the Philippines. We now have multiple warehouses in both countries. We initially focused our business purposes on activities related to e–commerce and the distribution of American ‘returns‘ and overstock goods. However, after establishing a legal presence in the Philippines as well, we are aggressively growing our import, export business. We now hold multiple companies under our business ‘umbrella‘ and have expanded our brand to include products such as solar, glass and aluminum, smart house technology, tools, and a wide variety of other items that are in high consumer demand.The President of the Philippines has encouraged us to continue our expansion and diversification strategies, and we are creating additional sister companies under the Gazillionaires group of companies, including a construction company called Gazillionaires Builders Inc. Our mission is to ensure that all end customers receive high quality products and stellar service despite our size and that their satisfaction will always be our highest priority. Because of our commitment to integrity, honesty, trust, and service excellence, we envision that our conglomerate of companies will continue to grow and that we will become a trusted brand worldwide.


Our mission is to serve as a trusted source of high–quality, high–demand products so that the rapidly increasing needs of international consumers are met. As a multi–purpose conglomerate with a strong presence in both the United States and the Philippines, Gazillionaire holds multiple companies under its ‘umbrella‘ business structure. This has allowed us to maintain maximum flexibility as we respond to consumer trends. With our expansion plans well under way, we expect to dominate the international consumer market for years to come.


We envision that the Gazillionaire brand will gain worldwide recognition and respect; that our focus on high-quality products, excellent service and versatility will translate into satisfied consumerseverywhere; and that we will continue to take the lead in sales and product delivery innovation.


Gazillionaires Trading Inc.


Because we are a multi-purpose conglomerate, we have the capacity to be highly responsive to consumer product preferences and delivery options.


We take pride in the fact that we never sacrifice quality despite our size. We know that customer satisfaction drives our success, that every consumer is important to us, and that high-quality, high-value products are key to our brand recognition.


As we continue to expand our operations, we are always on the alert for opportunities that will take us to the next level of excellence.


We put a great deal of thought into staying ahead of the curve through innovation. Our products feature the latest in solar, glass and aluminum, and smart house technology, along with a wide variety of other items that are in high consumer demand.


Every member of our team is deeply committed to honesty, trust, honor, transparency and service excellence.


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John B. Walker

I am grateful to the professional technical support team who helped me with choosing and installing multiple products throughout the years of my ordering from the company. I like the service very much, and hope you continue making your customers happy and satisfied!

Chris Parker

After ordering from this company, I am definitely going to stay and become a regular. Loved the service and the quality of products.

Steven Rogers

This is a great source of premium products with the worldwide delivery . Thank you and your wonderful team a lot for professional service, quality items and beautiful website that makes the shopping process even more fun and simple.


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